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Nothing beats the feeling of browsing through store shelves or online catalogues to find the next new journal to meet your needs! I wanted to design one that met what I needed plus thought it would be cool to self-publish a low-content book on Amazon (yes, anyone can do it!).

We’re all busy! Keeping up with endless to-do lists and trying to balance family, work, social and personal time can be overwhelming and lead to burn out. It’s vital to keep track of the things that matter in your life, including habits that impact your health.

Stay on top of your healthy habits with this daily journal which also combines your to-do list, that way you can balance both your health and other competing tasks. This journal enables one space for you to have your daily routine and reflection before you tackle on the day, and throughout the day – because we know things always come up! It’s a creative way to practice self-care so you can prioritize your health and wellness.


  • Perfectly Sized: 6” x 9”
  • Number of Pages: 90 days of journaling
  • Simple layout, view your day at a glance
  • Great size for convenient carrying

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