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A Look Inside at Who’s Running this Blog

Published on: May 4, 2023

Figured I’d start out by talking about myself, so that those of you who don’t know who I am, can get a better understanding about who the person behind the laptop is, what I do, what I stand for, etc.

So here goes…

A journey through time for you to see who I am now. 

I grew up drinking Pepsi often and eating homemade bread with sprinkles (…yup, you read that one right!). Once on my own in university, I spent money on carb-y, convenience foods. Anything you could cook in a pot or throw in the microwave was my jam. Shamefully, I think the first time I dared to cook chicken on my own was in my early twenties, a university grad and starting my first real job (I just didn’t want to get sick by cooking it wrong!). Clearly the signs of a non-foodie dietitian lol 

Like most people growing up and into young adulthood, I used to think nutrition was all about “eating less” and “eating right.” Food was fuel to me. Eat to live and not live to eat. Those beliefs led me down a path where food and eating became stressful and complicated. I saw it in other people too, how the focus on weight and rigid diet rules turned something that should be a simple, nourishing act of self-care, into an anxiety-filled chore.

Thankfully, I quickly realized that food is so much more than fuel, and that diet rules and rigidity weren’t the answer. I came to the realization that the purpose of pursuing health is to live a better quality of life, and if food and eating is feeling stressful, then it’s not actually helping with that goal. I began to see my role as a dietitian as helping people nurture a healthy relationship with food, and learn to make food choices from a place of nourishment, pleasure and their own internal wisdom.

I’ve been a dietitian for a decade now – wow, that’s hard to believe! Coming out of university I was applying to jobs all over Canada, and somehow landed in a small city in Northern Ontario. Timmins, which I think is known to most people as the birthplace of Shania Twain. Sadly her museum was destroyed right before I moved because they had to mine gold underneath it lol and that’s about the gist of the place. 

It was cold there. Moving in January didn’t help. For the first time in my life I saw 6 feet of snow on the front lawn. I couldn’t imagine living in a place where the snow just piled up throughout the Fall and Winter. But my plan was to stay there a year, pay off all my student loans, and then move back to Nova Scotia where I was raised. 

My one year plan turned into 7… I had a cushy job working as a dietitian at a public health department. But the evenings were long and the weather was dark. It only took me a few weeks to join the nearby gym to use up my free time. I could see the flashing sign from my kitchen window anyways, it was like it was calling my name. 

Soon after joining the gym, I was approached in the women’s washroom by one of the group instructors telling me I should consider teaching classes. It didn’t take me long to agree, I knew I liked doing the classes, I liked that it would motivate me to keep going to the gym, and mostly, I liked the thought of a free gym membership on top of getting paid to teach. Teaching BodyPump classes, bootcamps, doing a bikini competition, and essentially just falling in love with fitness and the gym community, brought so much into my life. Exercise is now a natural part of my routine that it doesn’t cross my mind to NOT go to the gym. 

Anyways, once the pandemic started and things hit the fan, I realized pretty quickly that it was time to move back home. After many months of waiting and fighting with the provincial borders to be allowed to enter the province, my house was sold, my things were packed in my SUV (125 lb dog included), and I made my way back to NS with no plan and not a care. 

I knew I was done with the typical 8-4 work. I knew I’d have to take on random jobs here and there to make it “work”. I knew it would be a big life change. But I didn’t doubt it for a second. I remember soon after arriving here my aunt asked me if I had a job – which I didn’t at the time. Before I could even finish my spiel of wanting to take the summer to relax before looking for one, she responded something along the lines of “it doesn’t matter what you’re doing now, you’re going to do great once you decide what you want to do, you’re that type of person”. 

After being pushed by my mom (like most mothers would), I started applying for jobs. I got a few part-time, casual and contract positions working as a registered dietitian, food service supervisors, virtual contracts as a dietitian and as a virtual assistant, plus dusted off my own private practice (I did this briefly in Ontario) and with that started a local weight loss group accountability program. I’ve also been coined as the sports manager of the house which could be a job in itself. More on that another time. 

And so now, just short of two years since I’ve moved back to NS, I’m finding myself here…sitting at home by the lake everyday, working from my laptop. I’ve always loved writing. It comes easy to me. I was even told by a 10-year-old that my Instagram posts were too long because he had to click “more” to see the full message as they continued in the comments section below. Perhaps my thoughts are too long. But I feel like I had to say it all! That was sign #492 of why after 6+ years I should finally start my blog.

This blog is meant to be educational while being sprinkled with some personal stories. I hope you enjoy the ride alongside me and find it both insightful and helpful, and sometimes maybe even funny. The ultimate goal: to support you so you can GAIN knowledge and accountability, be self-sufficient and empowered with your own choices, and gain wellness in your overall health and well-being. 

Chat soon, KC







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