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Are you looking to host a workshop,
lunch n’ learn, or cooking session
and need a dietitian?

Wouldn't it be great to have access to a Registered Dietitian to answer your burning questions in a group setting?

Everyone can use a little reminder on how to eat better for optimal health. If you’re in charge of your workplace wellness committee, you know how vital it is for your staff to stay healthy and well, keeping your staff sick days minimal. 

Let's Work Together

Workplace Wellness Workshops

Corporate nutrition workshops that will leave you and your employees empowered, encouraged, and energized with action steps to start today in improving your health. 



Guest speaker at Events or Retreats

Are you hosting a full-day workshop or a wellness retreat and would like nutrition and health to be part of your event for your guests?




Community Presentations

From leading active group sessions with daycares and school-aged kids, to delivering nutrition education at prenatal classes, heart health presentations at a local gym and physio clinic, to teaching older adults, I’ve covered it all!

Cooking Demos or Hands-On Cooking

If you’re a community group with access to a certified kitchen, I can come do a healthy eating cooking demo or have your group take part in the cooking process too!



Whether you’re a small group or a larger gathering, I can cover various aspects of wellness that includes nutrition, exercise, sleep and stress reduction.

These are some nutrition education topics I’ve presented on before, but we can always craft your perfect topic for your group!

  • heart health
  • meal planning
  • saving money at the grocery store
  • label reading
  • grocery store tours
  • diabetes and prediabetes
  • prenatal nutrition
  • nutrition for sport


Pricing will depend on length of workshop, resources needed and travel expenses.

hi there!

I’m Kaitlyn

For 8 years I spent my time working as a public health dietitian in Northern Ontario. I delivered countless workplace wellness workshops on a variety of nutrition-related topics, lunch n’ learns for staff, community, school and college presentations, cooking demos and hands-on cooking sessions, in-person grocery store tours, and more. 

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